A Fine Gentleman’s Handkerchief

Each 3 Ton handkerchief is a hand-made, silk-screened original on vintage shirt fabric and features our signature red stitch.

A premium-quality handkerchief is an essential part of a gentleman’s every day carry. Keep your glasses clean, your brow dry, and be ready to offer it to someone at just the right moment. You probably remember the one your father carried. The quality of this one-of-a-kind, modern version is one that he’d surely acknowledge with a subtle nod of approval.

Available in two sizes: 16×16 inches which folds to fit nicely in your back pocket, and a smaller 12×12 pocket square that instantly updates any jacket.

Handkerchief photo oblique b

Handkerchief photo 2 Sizes b

Handkerchief photo oblique close up b

Handkerchief Pocket Square photo b

Handkerchief Fold small

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