Thirty Five Images of Space Helmet Reflections by Eric Ulrich

Thirty Five Images of Space Helmet Reflections by Eric Ulrich

Assembled from found images on the web


  1. Fantastic!! Do you have a high-res version? I’d love to get it printed poster-size…! Would make an awesome lounge-room wall pic.

  2. Marc

    2nd. Would love a hi-res. Nice work.

  3. I’ll third that – it’s a really awesome image!

  4. Rian

    Great job! I’ll fourth. But, there’s a duplicate in it. r1c1 and r5c3 are literally the same picture. Maybe you can swap it with one from a more recent tv series or movie?

  5. This is amazing but sadly really small. Hi-res request #5! I have a feeling there is no hi-res version. oops.

  6. I’d love to find out the sources of some of those images.

  7. Glad you like it Dan, but all images were compiled through web image searches. It was low-res from the beginning.

  8. You have a pretty good eye Rian, but the images are actually different, check out his mouth.

  9. Rita

    I love this! The inclusion of Thom Yorke makes it even better.

  10. This is fantastic. If anybody would redo this with hires images for printing, that would be a badass poster. And i like the colors for each row!

  11. t

    Missing Samus helmet from the Metroid games.
    There you have an inside reflection of her face in the helmet.
    Great job!

  12. They are very similar though and taken from the same scene I guess. I think Rian is right the picture r5c3 should be replaced.
    Anyway. It’s awesome and I like it.

  13. Very nice!
    As there are so many requests for a high-res version, what about collecting the images ourselves?
    I started a collection here and will create a full version, help me!

  14. … or would you sell me a high res poster sized print? 🙂

  15. hey eric, do you have a higher res than what you published here? It’s really low res; I’m sure the pics you collected from the web would have been higher res than that…?

  16. Greg Brown

    Hey I would like to just point out that the one with Thom York from Radiohead is not a space helment. It’s a fish tank that steadily fills up with water.

  17. There is a Photoshop Plug-in called “Genuine Fractals” that can enlarge any photographs to billboard sizes, without loss of quality. Send me the largest file of this, and I”ll enlarge it and send it back to you.

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