Unrecognizable by Eric Ulrich

Unrecognizable, Mixed media, 108"x36"

Unrecognizable, Mixed media, 108″x36″

Unreocgnizable (oblique), Mixed media, 108"x36"

Unreocgnizable (oblique), Mixed media, 108″x36″

Unrecognizable, 108″x36″, Photographs and acrylic on canvas.

Based on a Norwegian folk tale my Grandmother used to tell me. Even though it has a sudden and unhappy ending, as a child I begged her to retell the story over and over again. I can still feel her fingers pinching my sweater as she described the part where the bird pulls at the thread of the dead fishermen.

I took two photos from exactly the same place at Ocean Beach. One at precisely sunrise and the other that same day at sunset. I produced two large-format iris prints, cut them up and pasted them down in alternating strips. Acrylic paint on top. (Larger image in the Recent Work photo gallery)

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