Series of Photographic Abstractions by Burak Arikan

Series of Photographic Abstractions by Burak Arikan


*Do me a favor. Please follow the link and take a look at all of the images in the series before reading below.

“When a digital camera is placed close to a computer screen we can discover a new disharmony. The intersection of the limits of the devices – the camera’s zoom and the screen’s resolution – creates blurry images. Having world flags on the screen to which the camera moves too close reminds the problem of having physically distinct but politically blurry borders between nations”

Nice work by Burak Arikan, but I think the visual aspect is much stronger than the conceptual. It’s an interesting technique for sure, but the actual images lose all their magic and emotion once it’s revealed what we’re looking at. A classic case of art and context. What do you think?

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  1. The images are so powerful and I would have never thought where they come from!
    Thanks for posting! I learned something new today!

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